Always Hire a Professional Tree Service

Researching a tree service on the internet can very quickly become overwhelming. There are so many options! Who is reliable? Experienced? Trustworthy? Affordable?

Although of course we recommend ourselves to cater to your tree care needs, we understand that you have many options and factors to consider. We’d like to provide with some basic buying tips when you are making a decision.

1) Be wary of anyone who is not a full-time, professional tree climber.
There are a large number of jack-of-all-trade type contractors that are happy to take your business. But climbing and cutting down trees dangerous work that can easily go awry when not performed by someone well versed in tree cutting and culling techniques. What you may save up front may cost you in damage to your yard, home, and sanity.

2) When you hire a tree service, make sure they are properly licensed and insured.
This information should be on their website or they should be able to give you a copy. If the vendor you are considering cannot immediately furnish this documentation when prompted, consider this a giant red flag and continue your search elsewhere.

3) When getting a price, if it sounds almost too good to be true, it very well could be.
We have helped many people in the Hampton Roads area who have had the misfortune of placing their trust in a vendor that grossly undercut the competition. In these case the tree work was only partially completed when the vendor demanded full payment. Once the money was given, the vendor disappeared. We hate seeing these situations so I would like to stress that if you do opt for the lowest price option, please make sure you do due diligence on the history, legitimacy, and background of the company – and never provide payment until the job is 100% complete.

We certainly hope you to at least have a free consultation with The Whole 9 Tree Service when selecting your vendor, but more than that we want our neighbors to be treated fairly and honestly. Please follow these guidelines when selecting your tree service.