Plant an orchard in your own backyard.

It is on of the most rewarding investments you can make on your property. The maintenance isn’t overwhelming and you can walk out back and pick your own apples or plums or pears or any other fruit that can thrive in southeast Virginia. With the proper planning and care we can make your backyard something that can give back to you for years and years to come.


Planning your orchard

This is the most important part of growing an orchard. Deciding what kind of fruit you would like to grow and what size trees you would like to grow(standard size or dwarf). We plan very carefully to maximize space so even customers with smaller yards can have a variety of fruit trees growing at once. We work with our customers to figure out the best layout for their yard. Many fruit trees are self pollinating so you can grow just 1 specific tree if you like but others need pollination from other trees so when planning we take care to make sure all of your trees are fertilized and bountiful during their seasons.

Installing Your Orchard

This is the next most important part of creating your orchard. Soil amendments and watering and drainage precautions come standard on every job. For every tree we plant we dig a hole to well level and fill it with stone to assure no root rot or other issues with collecting water occur. This is a very important step to planting an orchard and only under perfect soil conditions will we not go through this step. We assess the soil you have in your yard and bring in compost, topsoil and peat moss to make your soil is optimum for growing.