Whether It is a large Oak Tree towering over your home or a small Crape Myrtle you no longer like, we can take care of it for you. We exercise safety and caution when doing this work and you can rest assured that our professional staff will safely remove your tree.

We use many techniques to cut down a tree and every tree is different. That is why giving a price to cut down a tree over the phone is nearly impossible. But not to worry, we give free estimates and are very flexible on time and will work with you to set up a time at your convienence for an on-site consultation.

There are many reasons to remove a tree and tree removal is a common part of our job. Any large tree close to your home has some risk. We will always be honest with you about the risk factor of your trees and tell you if they should be cut down or not.

Disease on trees is common in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Bagworms and Mistletoe are just a few examples of parasites that can eventually kill your tree. Sometimes this can be treated, but sometimes the tree is too fargone and must be cut down.

Many people decide to remove their trees for aesthetic reasons and want clear space for other types of landscaping or construction. There are many trees in Virginia Beach that are considered trash trees(Gum Trees, Hackberry Trees, White Oak Trees) and are unpleasing to the eye.

Some trees are protected in the Viriginia Beach area and it is illegal to cut them down without a permit. We have certified arborists on staff to go through the correct legal motions to obtain these permits.

Cutting down a tree can be very hazardous work. Tree climbing and tree removal are some of the most dangerous jobs in the area. Weekend workers are often seriously injured and killed across the nation trying to perform a large tree removal without the proper tools and experience. Always hire a licensed and insured tree removal service to perform these jobs.

We are often tasked with removing a very large tree in confined spaces right next to a home or utility and power lines. Our team at The Whole 9 Tree Service has years of experience in this field and we have the know-how and proper equipment to safely cut down any tree in the Virginia Beach area.

Always Hire A Professional Tree Service